help with external hard drive itunes default please!

Hi, installed atv and nito and set the external hdd as the primary itunes drive. The files copied over as i can see them when i plug the hdd into my laptop, yet when i go to nito and select the external drive it does not show any files at all? How do i access the files on the drive please?

Unfortunately nitoTV will only recognize non-iTunes media. More info here:

thanks GM, i think i’m getting a little confused here then. I installed an external HDD and selected it to be my primary itunes storage. It copied my files across from the apple tv to the external hard drive, but when i went to play the files from the normal apple menus i got a message ‘error file not found’. How can i point the apple tv to where the files are now kept on the external drive?

I thought by copying to external that my media would be able to be accessed via the normal menus, and when i purchase new films and tv shows they will be saved straight to the correct folder in the external hdd??

Were the missing files purchased on the AppleTV? If so, they will need to be synced back to iTunes prior to switching to external storage.

I’d recommend the following.

  1. Switch back to internal storage for iTunes.
  2. Reformat the hard drive (give it a unique name).
  3. Sync the AppleTV with iTunes, ensuring all purchased files are present in iTunes.
  4. Setup the external drive as primary storage as before.