Help with Dolby Atmos setup

Hi all, hope this is the correct thread for some help I have an Atmos capable soundbar with the Apple TV plugged into the input and then the soundbar going to the TV. However when I play a file with a DD+ Atmos track, such as the Dolby demo trailers my soundbar only shows PCM. Can anyone help? When I play something from the ATV+ app it shows at Atmos

It’s probably the file. There was one or two official Dolby demo that were supposed to have dd+ atmos but they were encoded funny and not properly supported by the AppleTV.

I wish it was that but it seems to be happening with anything I have in my library either AC3 or EAC3… I don’t know if it’s the Apple TV or the soundbar which is the problem

Make sure you have your AppleTV set to not convert any audio to Dolby. Make sure you can also enable Dolby atmos in the AppleTV settings. Once that’s confirmed/set it should work. If it doesn’t then it’s a settings issue on the soundbar.

I’m not too sure I’ve run a few tests now, as I said when playing content through the Apple TV + app (The Morning Show) the soundbar is showing as playing Atmos. When I play something on my NAS direct though the TV the content is sent to the soundbar via ARC and is showing as Atmos. It is only when using the Plex or Infuse app on the Apple TV where it is showing as PCM. I have read a few articles online which say that the ATV might be converting to PCM for some reason… But I don’t understand why it only does this on certain apps.

This is the page I mean:

Post the media info for one of the trouble files

This is the details for the Leaf trailer, which again shows as Atmos when I play via my NAS to my tv not using the Plex app. (The Plex app on my TV converts to LPCM, the Apple TV convert to PCM)


  • Duration 0:59
  • Bitrate 8653 kbps
  • Width 1920
  • Height 1080
  • Aspect Ratio 1.78
  • Video Resolution 1080p
  • Container MP4
  • Video Frame Rate 24p
  • Web Optimized Yes
  • Video Profile main
  • Overlay


  • Duration 0:59

  • File dolby-atmos_leaf.mp4

  • Size 61.20 MB

  • Container MP4

  • Web Optimized Yes

  • Video Profile main

  • Codec H264

  • Bitrate 8266 kbps

  • Bit Depth 8

  • Chroma Location left

  • Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0

  • Coded Height 1088

  • Coded Width 1920

  • Color Primaries bt709

  • Color Range tv

  • Color Space bt709

  • Color Trc bt709

  • Frame Rate 24 fps

  • Height 1080

  • Level 4.1

  • Profile main

  • Ref Frames 3

  • Stream Identifier 1

  • Width 1920

  • Display Title 1080p (H.264)

  • Extended Display Title 1080p (H.264)

  • Codec EAC3

  • Channels 6

  • Bitrate 384 kbps

  • Audio Channel Layout 5.1(side)

  • Sampling Rate 48000 Hz

  • Stream Identifier 2

I’ve downloaded and played back the track on my system without issue.

My setup:
Synology NAS → Emby server → infuse pro → Apple TV 4K → Sony STR-DN1080 receiver → LGOLED b7p

Just as another test I have added these files to my MacBook library and played the via the computers app on Apple TV and I am also getting Atmos displayed using this method. Going to try using Emby tomorrow

Sorry to be spamming the updates so I just added the Atmos trailers to Emby and added that library to infuse and I am getting Dolby Atmos… so it is only my Plex library on infuse which is PCM… even weirder!

Yeah I don’t get it either. Plex doesn’t transcode to infuse either. I’m not sure what the issue is with plex.

I use to be a plex user but moved everything over to emby because they had better plugin support; I can control my smart lighting right in emby independent of whatever player I’m using.