Help with a USB Drive

I tried everything I could find to figure this out on my own, but I am finally breaking down and asking for help. I cannot get to any of the movies on my NTFS formatted USB Hard Disk to show up in the nitoTV Menu. I have verified that the USB drive is recognized with the diskutil list function via SSH. I have also verified that the I can also see the movies (TS_Video) that I have loaded via the Movies tab in Boxee, but from what I understand, it does not play them in this format. Curiously, however, I have not been able to see the USB drive as a seperate source in Boxee. Shouldn’t I be able to do that?

Actually, I was wrong. Boxee is not detecting any of the content on the drive. It does come up on the “diskutil list” scan, however.

I am pretty sure that NTFS is not supported. NTFS has historically been a huge problem for OS X. Apple has built OS X to only ever have Read-Only permissions to NTFS drives. Seeing how the Apple TV has a basic version of OS X and even with the Smart Installer, I highly doubt NTFS is supported. If you can use a FAT32 or a Mac OS Extended disk then you should have better luck.

Ok. I will try reformatting to FAT32. I could swear I saw a post somewhere where someone said it would work. After all of the trouble so far, if FAT32 works better, then thats the direction I wil head in. Thanks.

Yeah, that was probably me …
I was wrong, it is fat32 after all. sorry for the confusion :frowning:

The drive works great formatted in FAT32. Thanks for the tip.