Help with 3194 error

Hi Guys

I updated my ATV2 yesterday to the latest firmware so I could get netflix in the UK

The tried to jailbreak and keep getting a 3194 error

The cable i have is good

After reading it look like its the host file

Im running Windows 7 so had to run notepad as administrator and open the hosts file and change te IP to reboot try agin

Still getting the error

tried umbrella and reboot

still getting the same error

So now im stuck and haave not found any other solutions to this

any idea what else i could try



Sorted reset the host file using


reboot and then run seasonpass


 also encountered the same problem


What Frimware Version is the ATV 2 on?


If you are at 5.0 there is not jailbreak yet.


my firmware is 4.4.4 and i have the same problem…help!