[HELP] - Where is my infuse 6 pro


I have bought INFUSE 6 PRO (lifetime) for my APTV 4K.

Everything was OK, I was completely satisfied.

But yesterday I have bought the new AppleTV 4K and now I have a very bad experience with this APP.

INFUSE 6 PRO is no more available on the store, when I DL the app, I have the version 7.xx and I cannot access to the pro version and so I cannot watch my movies.:hushed:

I have spent 60 euros for a version (lifetime) and I can not access anymore to this app ? :rage:

Old versions of Infuse can be downloaded through the Purchased section in the App Store. A bit more info on this can be found here. Redownload apps and games from Apple - Apple Support

If you are interested in upgrading to Infuse 7 you can receive a free year of Infuse Pro. More info on how to take advantage of this can be found here. https://firecore.com/upgrade

Upgrading to Pro in Infuse 7 will allow you to automatically receive all future updates (even major releases like v8, v9, v200, etc…).

Thanks a lot !
I didn’t know this menu :sweat_smile:

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