Help - Using the USB ???


Just boutgh myseld a WD My Passport Ess. SE 1TB (USB Powered via ATV) and want to connect it to the ATV any day now. However, the WD is still in it’s original packin g and cán be brought back to store (not after opening anymore)
Before opening up I’d like yto kno whether

  • The ATV recognised this specific disk as primary drive

  • The ATV gets slower (searching) when reading from this drive (5400 rotations) compared by the original 160GB drive ín the ATV

  • ATV has enough power to supply the WD Drive as well

  • if still possible is there any better suggestion than this WD Passport. I ó’want to play by an USB-powered drive if possible

Hope to have a quick answer as I only have a few days to possibly return WD to store

Kokopelli - Netherlands

I’m using that exact drive with no problems. Have about 100 movies ripped up to it.

Cellboy thanks - thought peopel were only viewing my post but no replies so (impatiently) wrapped open the package and tried to set as primary disk. Now ATV says (after 2 hours) that transferring files to the new primary disk was unsuccessfull - any suggestions are welcome

Thanks in advance!