Help - upgrading the apple software with atv flash installed

Hi, I am a lifetime member of firecore. I currently have software version 3.02 on my apple TV and I have installed the latest ATV Flash as well.

Now the apple software updates is disabled currently. I want to get the latest apple software update. I want to clarify the following before I do that:

  1. Will I lose the currently installed ATV Flash?

  2. If yes, can I reload the latest ATV Flash?

  3. In that case will I lose any of my currenty videos, music loaded?


thanks in advance.

Version 3.0.2 is actually the latest AppleTV software for the silver AppleTV.

I am also on ATV 3.0.2. I just updated ATV to 4.4 which seemed to go ok, but now I get failed install for NitoTV, Sapphire, and I think anything else I try to update. Is this expected? Should I reinstall ATV from USB? Thanks.