Anytime I try to play anything over 500 - 600 MB, and specially anything over 1 Gb, video will stutter, sound will not be synced, and buffering every 20 to 40 secs occurs. This happens in Nito, XBMC, Boxee… Sometimes Boxee crashes, Also, no way to play .Mpg files.

What can I do. I would hate to have to convert my 200+ videos, they are avi, mkv, mpeg, vob, mp4 etc… Unless you know of something that will ([color=#FF0000]rapidly[/color]) mass convert over 500 Gb of video on a 1Tb drive… :expressionless:

Do you know the specs for your files? Even with aTV Flash installed the AppleTV hardware is limited to the following resolution: Up to 5 Mbps, maximum resolution 1280x720 @ 24fps, 960x540 @ 30fps

Oh! :frowning:

I have a humongous quantity of video files, all different, but none over 720p resolution.

Is there any program that I could use to mass convert all into something similar with the least intervention possible? It’s a lot of info, more than 500 Gb and counting. I,ve tried using Red Kawa’s Videora Apple Tv converter, but it’s not the fastest one, it’s incredibly slow, and resulting files are very large.

I did disable the HotSpot Shield and it helped (it slows down everything), but the stuttering and un-synced video/sound still goes on with files over 500 gb and specially with the Mkv extension. Mpg and Avi will not sound in XBMC.

Thanks, I’ve tried to be as thorough with my explanation as possible. :mrgreen:

You may also try disabling the ‘Apple H.264’ option located in Maintenance → Settings. This will help improve playback for many file types.

You can use some video converter to help you edit ,crop and clip your videos.