Help to use Infuse outside the home network

Hello everyone, I need help setting up Infuse using the SMB protocol.
I have a Synology DS220J NAS.

When I am in the home network everything works correctly.
Infuse automatically finds the NAS and uses NAS-NAME.local as the address.

But when I’m off the net, I don’t think this address can work.

What address should I put when I’m out?

Thanks for support!

I’d highly recommend against publishing SMB to the outside world. If you have a synology NAS install the VPN package and connect back home to your VPN server. It’s more secure.

I have studied just that in the past 6 hours!
Now I have an active VPN connection on my iphone!
How should I configure Infuse?
Which IP address should I enter?


If you connect via VPN you shouldn’t have to do anything. Connect to your VPN via external IP of your internet connection and it should work. If not remove all your shares and reconnect using the IP of your NAS instead of network name.

OK done. I connected via VPN and everything is working properly.

There is a problem though: probably mine is a superficial evaluation, but I find the use of the VPN connection very annoying.

If I restart the phone, I have to remember to reconnect it.
If I’m inside the LAN I don’t need it, but if I go out I have to activate it.

I have the feeling of having a constant complication following me.

Why is it so risky not to use VPN and simply open ports?

There is always a username and password to log in … I could enter a maximum number of login attempts on the NAS side, isn’t it enough if you don’t have particularly confidential data on the NAS?

SMB isn’t a great protocol to use. It’s not made for internet streaming. Additionally there might be security flaws which can be leveraged against. If you want to open up an outside protocol move to something like FTP. Or install a server like emby or plex.

Thanks for your answer, clear and very useful.

I was fine with Plex, but I decided to uninstall it because it didn’t allow my NAS to ever go to sleep.

I had read that SMB or NFS could be good solutions, but obviously this is not the case for SMB … is NFS the same?

I’ve never tried Emby.
Should it be installed as a media server on the nas (like Plex Media Server)?
Does it work well with Infuse?


Don’t use NFS over the internet. The only recommended protocols are sftp, FTP or WebDAV. I use emby and it works well. I don’t believe it’s supported in the general release of infuse. It works well with the beta.

Thank you!

Can you help me to configure it?

  • In the Synology NAS I installed WebDAV server via Package Center;

  • I enabled HTTP and HTTPS (standard port 5005 and 5006);

  • I went to Contro Panel > Remote Access > DDNS and I created a DDNS (it works, I tested it).

  • I go to Infuse setup and I create a new share, using this setting:

    - Name: the name I like;
    - Protocol: WebDAV (HTTPS);
    - Address: (I tried too all this: 
                          - - that is the port of my NAS
                          - - that is the HTTPS port
                          - - that is the port of my NAS
                          - - that is the port of my NAS
                          - other similar combinations.
    - Username: my NAS user;
    - Password: my NAS password;

I didn’t touch the advanced setting.

It doesn’t works.

Can you help me?

Thank you!

I did it!
I had to open door 5006 and set it in advanced settings!

It works perfectly!

Thank you for support!

I’ve got an Emby server running on HTTPS, but can’t seem to get infuse to connect. Can you tell me how you set yours up?

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