Help to add content from ext HD

I have ATV connect to Synology NAS using NFS and everything works fine, except I am unable to see/add content from the external harddisk attached to the NAS. Is it possible to get that working? Thanks for the help!

you need to set up the external hard drive connected to your synology nas the same way you have setup your normal synology shares. That way it will be possible for you to access them from your apple tv box.

If you can see the ext. Drive as a share allready you may need to check the seetings / access rights for the share so they line up with your working setup from the other shares.

I have done that. Share the external HD and set the permission to both read/write, but couldn’t see it.

Edit: ok, after unplugging, re-booting, and re-configuring…Viola, it works somehow!! Thanks for all your help!

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