Help. Suddenly tonight 4K HDR no longer works and has black bar

Suddenly tonight ( and on movies I’ve watched just fine), HDR isn’t working. When I play a 4k HDR film, I get this weird bar across the screen (see picture). While this bar is on the screen the movie is washed out and seems like HDR isn’t working, but when I pause or bring up the menu, HDR kicks in, the bar is gone. When I go back to playback this damn bar appears.

Is this something weird I engaged? (I’ve tried every menu option in the ATV and Infuse and even reset the video). This damn bar won’t go away.

This bar does NOT appear on 1080p, or even regular 4K that doesn’t have HDR. And this only started tonight. I am pulling what hair I have left out.

Bug with Beta OS 11.3. There is allready mentioned, that this is fixed with the next version of Infuse.

Don’t use betas if you’re trying to keep that hair ?

Lesson learned on beta

Well shoot, I just came here to find out why I’m having the exact same problem after updating to the latest BETA OS.

Any idea when this next version of Infuse will be out or should I just start googling on how to downgrade my AppleTV OS? Not sure if I can wait before watching some 4K HDR content.

A few weeks most likely but James has said the next version of Infuse will fix it. You also can’t downgrade the Apple TV 4K from what I could find unless you want to take it to the Apple Store.

You can roll back an Apple TV. It’s just a pain in the butt and you have to find the file. Just need a PC/Mac and Itunes.

On a 4K AppleTV there is no longer a USB port.

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