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hi …
can you help me and adjust subtitle arabic font on currect Way (attactment)
Not all characters are specified by themselves, each sentence is limited to one selection as attachments, and also if the size of shadows and selection is controlled

also can you make possible to add a Font for subtitle

font Use With arabic ( OSAMA FONT SUBTITLE )

thank you very much for amaizing app :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, Infuse is limited by the available fonts on iOS/tvOS. In cases where a specific font isn’t available, substitution will occur, which can impact certain styling elements.

We hope to look into the possibility of adding additional fonts in a future update, but for now it’s best to stick with one of the fonts available on iOS. A list of these can be found at

change the fonts as followed in System
Is it possible to specify the default system style for translation to show the correct shading and identification of the Arabic language?

identification and Shading in Arabic Language by your program settings is not as convenient as the default system.
can you make Possibe For that :slight_smile:

Thanks …

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