Help... Stuck in 4.2.1



My Apple TV2 seems stuck in Jailbroken 4.2.1.  Won’t update via Apple TV itself, using Seasonpass gets the open in iTunes error, opening in iTunes in DFU mode gets a 1600/1/2 error, as does trying to restore to official unbroken firmware.


Tried different cables, my iMac and a PC.


Any ideas anyone?

I’d suggest checking the HOSTS file to see if you have anything that is redirecting to something else. If so delete it and save the file and try again. You should be able to restore 4.4.4 (assuming this is what you are trying to flash) without the assistance of another authentication server.

You cannot use the internal update of the Apple TV after it is jailbroken.

checked hosts, used different cables, nada… still trying!

finally got success by adding a power cable AFTER going into DFU mode, and selecting the updated firmware file manually


now got netflix US running beautifully on my ATV and UK on my PS3.  I’m a happy chap!