help seas0npass is unable to fetch signatures from cydia? (novice jb atv2)

Hi all,

I posted something in jailbreaking but looking at how many people post there and respond, I thought I’d try here. So I’m a novice JB and whenever I go to JB my ATV2 (running off of v5.3 I downgraded successfully and confirmed it by plugging it into the tv). I’ve never jailbroken an atv before and everywhere I read, I see that you just need to downgrade then just have the latest version of Seas0npass, clic create ipsw and it will do the rest. Well I run into this problem where it says’s “Seas0npass is unable to fetch signatures from Cydia. Please check your firewall and connection.”. I clearly have internet and my firewall is down including all antivirus. HELP??!?!?! Please?!