Help retrieving photos off apple tv (1)

We have a first generation apple tv and our computer was stolen.  We did not have all of our photos backed up but they are all still scrolling in our screen saver for the apple tv.  We have the aTV flash - is there a way to transfer the files from the apple tv to our new computer?  I was afraid to just sync because i didn’t want it to erase the photos from the apple tv and replace them with the photos on our current computer.  HELP!

I imagine you can SSH into the ATV using cyberduck or similar to grab the pics back to your computer.

What is SSH?  Sorry…we are not the most computer savvy!


*password for ATV1 is “frontrow” not “alpine”

Even better, we actually have a guide for recovering synced content. :)

as James anticipates the next question.

I really appreciate all the help.  I have uploaded cyberduck and attempted to do the FTP transfer but am not finding my photos.  There is a ‘Pictures’ folder but it only contains a picture of MouseLocator.  There is nothing in movies either - although those may all be in iTunes.  Any other ideas?


i GOT IT!  I just had to narrow of a scope.  This is GREAT!!!  Thanks!

Awesome! Glad you were able to get them all back.

Hi James - the above didn’t work for me. do you have other thoughts? I think I have an apple Tv 2.

Is yours silver or black?

This only applies to the 1st gen (silver) Apple TVs that are able to sync with iTunes to store content locally.

I have an APPLE TV1. The external hard drive that I had my iTunes for Apple TV on crashed. I am trying to get the movies off of the Apple TV. Cyberduck seems like the only way to do it. I have tried with FTP and SFTP. I know enough to follow instructions and not enough to know why this keeps giving me a “Connection Failed” error.

Hi, I have the same problem and downloaded Cyberduck as described, unfortunately despite being on the same wifi network I cannot get a connection to my Old style Silver Atv
I get “Connection refused (Connection refused). The connection attempt was rejected. The server may be down, or your network may not be properly configured.”
I’ve powered down and up inserted the Atv IP manually and tried the front row one also and still the same issue, any ideas please?

i saw that you succeded in downloading your pictures. i found the folder pictures but only saw mouse locator on it. which folder did you eventually find your pictures? can you please walk me through?