Help plz!! i have an apple tv2 on 4.3 and want to upgrade jailbreak.

I tried saving my shsh blobs and cant get them to save, i would like to know what are my best options Please anyone.

Thanks in advance.


Anyone plz? i have a another apple tv2 on 5.2.1 tethered and i dont want to make the mistake of updating to 5.2.1. I want to upgrade the 4.3 to the latest untethered version. i can try installing older version of i tunes to save shsh blobs and signatures?

BTW the apple tv2 running 4.3 is already jailbroken i would to upgrade to latest untethered jailbreak and save my blobs if possible… anyone???  plz help

You can only upgrade to a release that Apple is no longer signing if you already have shsh blobs for that release.

i only have 4.3 shsh blobs. so your saying  i would only be able to update to 5.2.1 because i don’t have the 5.2 untethered shsh blobs saved?


 thanks for the quick reply.


Is it possible to downgrade using old shsh blobs from another unit ?

No. It’s unique to each device.

Thanks for the quick response. Now I can stop breaking my head lol trying to downgrade. Thing about it is I used the new tethered jailbreak, and while on xbmc around 30 to 45 min while streaming a movie it would stop and go to the menus. Wondering if you have any insight on that plz much appreciated on all your help

Well… I believe the main difference between tethered and untethered jailbreaks is the type of bootrom exploits. It shouldn’t affect the application. Why not try finding answers on XBMC’s forum? Maybe someone there can help.

Good luck~


Thanks again.

Did you try dumping your shsh blobs using ifaith?  You should try saving these in case you decide to re-jailbreak on 4.3 now or in the future.  You will likely need to use an older version of ifaith to do this.

I did save it with I faith thanks , I read some where that 4.3 is the best to be on but I don’t have anything working in it it has plex but doesn’t work