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Before I make a Suggestion post in the other forum section just wondering, as I’m a noob to Infuse, can anyone tell me if the following features are available and how to activate them

  1. Hide Synapsis for Unwatched Content: Hate reading what an episode is about as some times they can sontain spoilers, would love the option to turn it off, but show once the episode has been watched
  2. Trailers: Is there anyway to show trailers for movies?
  3. Trailers PreRoll: I love this feature in Plex and was wondering if Infuse has it, it’s the ability to play a pre selected amount of trailers before a movie plays. Just gives it the whole movie theater experience.
  4. Quailty Overlays: Is there anyway to overlay the quality of a movie (DVD, Blue Ray, UHD) when browing movies? I have alot of movies of different qualities and would love to be able to identify them as I’m scrolling.
  5. Plex - Transcoding: Is there a way from maybe the pause menu to see if a file is direct playing or if it is transcoding?

Thanks in advance, if these are not avaialble ill delete this post and create a feature request/suggestion in the other section.

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  1. Not at this time but there have been threads in the suggestions forum you can add your support to for this.
    Hide plot synopsis for unviewed tv episodes

  2. You’ve found this one in the suggestions forum already. :wink:

  3. Again not at this time but again there are threads for this in the suggestions forum.
    Plex Cinema Trailers pre-roll video

  4. Each video synopsis page has the video quality, encoding, and audio specs for each file.

  5. Currently, Plex with Infuse does no transcoding, everything is played by Infuse directly. There are requests to have Plex do transcoding for iOS devices but that’s not currently available. It’s on the planned features list at the top of the suggestions forum.
    Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

Hope this answers your questions! The search function is at the top of every forum page on the right hand side. That will help you find the topics in the Suggestions forum for the issues you’re requesting.

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Thanks so much for pointing me in the right directio.

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