help please with frame drop/freeze issue

Help I have ripped my DVD’s and placed in video_ts folders all play fime except they all suffer from frame drop/frame freeze every 2 minutes or so for a brief second. I have ATV Flash installed and play via Nito TV. Other than that they play smoothly but every 2 seconds I get the video freeze for a fraction of a second, audio not affected…really appreciate any feedback this is spoiling my new enjoyment in to ATV.

The exact same thing happens to me, but when playing video files from an external drive, or even when I copy them first to the ATV via Cyberduck… so I think its not an issue with the speed of data access…I wrote ATV Flash about it, but I didn´t get a good response… still have the issue.

I got around it by playing files from the File Menu… there it works fine… seems to be a Nito TV problem…

There is an updated version of nitoTV that improves some aspects of video playback, and should resolve any issues you are having. This updated version can be installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.