Help please. New pro user (kodi and ipad question)

  1. Why is it that the ipad infuse 5 pro app is saying that I only have 1 gb remaining space. But when I look at the ipad available space in Settings, I still have 40 gb available. How do I increase allocated space for infuse?

  2. How do I add my Kodi Library in infuse? Any guide somewhere? I’ve been searching but I can’t seem to find anywhere.

I was successful to add the shared folders and files from my Mac, but not my Kodi library. Please help.


  1. It is a bug. No need to allocate space to Infuse or any app in iOS.
  2. In Infuse you do not import a Kodi library. You add shares, which are the folders (or online services) where you have your content. That is available via Infuse’s settings with “Add files”.
    Kodi uses the same principle. So you should just add the same folders that you have added to Kodi.
    Then in Infuse you can choose which of these folders are indexed in your Infuse library (in Settings/library). That makes a much quicker access than accessing the folders themselves.

Hope this helps !