Help please before I upgrade my kit

Hopefully someone has this exact set up or has knowledge of it and can help me out before I upgrade.

If I go:

Apple TV 4K - infuse - LG Sk9y - LG 4K TV

Am I correct in saying that I will get (depending on source file):

7.1 Dolby true hd
DD +
DD 5.1

from the sound bar (with the rear speakers added) but not the Atmos extra channels at the moment?

To get this I need to set infuse to auto and Apple TV to best available?

This will output LPCM from the Apple TV and the sound bar will receive that and play the lossless audio but it won’t detect that it is TrueHD even though it’s actually the same audio tracks?

Lastly is it still recommended to have the HDR disabled but have dynamic range and frame rate matching enabled so that when using the menus and old content it’s SDR and when watching HDR stuff it’s in HDR?

Hopefully I’m understanding all this correctly.

Any help is appreciated.

Just leave everything as is. SDR content will play as SDR if match content is turned on. All audio will be sent as PCM to the soundbar. Netflix and iTunes content will be sent as Dolby ATMOS (where available).

Thanks but do you know if that specific sound bar will accept all of those formats via pcm?

That’s what I’m most concerned about. I’ve read the product manual and searched everywhere and can’t find anything definitive as to how many channels the sound bar will accept via pcm.

I believe most of your questions are answered in the owners manual

You should get the best that model can provide from pcm. Unless you have added the sub woofer and rear speakers it will still have anemic sound for surround. Per the manual it can handle Atmos 7.1 and PCM so using Infuse will give you the quality that you audio system can deliver.

Thanks, yes it comes with the sub and I’ll be adding the rear speakers.

I’ve read the manual cover to cover and it doesn’t specify if 7.1 works via PCM.

The previous generation of that model only accepted up to 5.1 channels via pcm hence my concern.

Unless I’m missing something in the manual.

I’m going to demo it tomorrow but I can’t imagine they are going to let me take my own Apple TV and plug it in and run infuse that way.

Guess I’m just going to have to take the risk.

Just incase anyone finds this post from google.

Got the soundbar and tv and all works as expected. Everything but Atmos at the moment.

Atmos should work from iTunes and Netflix. Just not Infuse or other local content apps.

As for HDR if your TV supports Dolby vision leave it at that and enable match content and match frame rate. It’ll switch the SDR for SDR content.

Yep, Atmos test file works through iTunes but only DD+ Atmos file. Netflix works too.