Help or Suggestions for Damaged ATV 2

Hello - 


I have an ATV 2 that was recently the victim of some sort of power spike. The surge blew the switch the ATV 2 was connected to, and also has left the ATV 2 believing there is always an Ethernet cable connected (even if manually setting IP parms, the Ethernet port is actually non-functional). As such, I can’t force the ATV to use Wifi. 

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a tool/method to force the ATV 2 to ignore the Ethernet interface entirely so I can switch over to Wifi and get some use from it? I jailbroke it this morning using Seas0npass, but of course I still don’t have SSH access to the device. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I have one just like that. I find that shouting at it and banging it on ethe desk enables me to set the wifi which it then ignores and goes back to ethernet mode when it’'s not even connected.

I have another one which has a dicky USB port, can’t even restore it to stock firmware 5.3.

And I have a row of books…

i was talking to the idiot bar at apple the other day… he said that they can fix the ethernet issue on atv2 or they will give you another atv 2 unit… of course if you’re out of warranty then you will have to pay out of pocket for this