help on upgrading apple tv 2

Hi to everybody, I currently use an Apple TV 2 with iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken and ate flash black installed.
Since I haven’t been upgrading it for a long time, I was thinking about upgrade it to iOS 5.3 but, before doing it, I would appreciate some advice from you.
Here there are some questions:

if I upgrade to iOS 5.3, do i need to re-jailbreak my apple tv?
after installing the upgrade, do i need to reinstall atv flash black package?
is the upgrade worth? which benefits i would have in this process? better infuse release? I currently have 2.5 release…
would it be a good idea to upgrade to latest firmware? is it possible to jailbreak it and install ate flash black?

thanks in advance for any reply :wink:

Anyone? :frowning:

Happy New Year!

If you have not done so already, I suggest trying the guide located at:

Per other discussions on this forum, 5.3 is the latest version for which Seasonpass is available and results in a stable atv2 (main problem reported for the beta 6.2.1 Seasonpass jailbreak seems to be Netflix crashing and the main drawback its untethered nature):

I hope your upgrade works out well.