Help on jailbreaking from 4.0 - from Newbie

wondere if i could get a little advice please

just purchased a new Apple TV2 with firmware 4.0 on it

i want to put an untethered jailbreak on it 5.2 i believe is the latest i can go to


i have tried putting 5.2 on Manually using itunes and shift key to direct it to the file and i get an

" an unknown error has occured ( 3014 )

i have tried putting it in DFU mode also but same message…

when trying to use season pass and selecting 5.2

it coems with an error saying this apple tv is not eligable for the version…


im a complete novice so any advice would be great on what i should do or what threads i should look at



You cannot jailbreak it untethered and you won’t be able to put 5.2 on it.

You have two options:

1. jailbreak it tethered with OS 4.4 - pre signed IPSW,

2. Jailbreak it tethered with OS 5.3

I was in the same position as you last week but have no regrets upgrading to 5.3 (even though tethered)

thanks - so there is no way i can do it untethered at all? on any version ?



The only way would of be if your Apple TV had already had OS 5.2 installed and you saved the digital Signatures (which is extremely unlikey) I would go update to 5.3 and then jailbreak 5.3 tethered . It looks great and everything is supported… ATV Flash, XBMC etc… If you don’t update the OS soon, 5.4 could be released and then you would have to wait until that is jailbroken…could be a long time.