Help Needed with Logistical Conundrum

Not sure if this belonged in “Streaming and Network” or “Metadata and Artwork” so I stuck it here.

So … without getting into the why of it … let me just state the situation I find myself in.

I haven’t got wired home internet at the moment. I’ve still got cell service, though, and can set up a hotspot on my phone to share my cell data connection with my iPad and AppleTVs.

However, doing so means I need to disconnect those devices from my home WiFi, which precludes them from connecting to my home server with all my media.

How then do I update the metadata on those devices?

In a classic example of poor timing, I recently wiped out the metadata from all my devices as I was reorganizing my library and wanting to start fresh. Not long after doing this, my wired home internet service went kaput.

When connected to my server, there’s no internet. When connected to the internet, there’s no server. Conundrum.


What cell company?

Google Fi (on an iPhone X).

This may trigger a thought or two.

Unfortunately not. While I do have a spare wireless router and access point lying around, I don’t have an inkling on how to share my cellular internet with them.

And because, well, reasons … I’m not in a position to buy new hardware, either.

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to use all this junk I’ve got lying around (which includes a laptop PC, a Synology NAS, a couple of Linksys Wi-Fi routers, a Motorola modem without an incoming signal, and a scattering of Apple devices — but not a Mac).

Can’t you use your phone’s hotspot connected to a computer, then use something like Tiny Media Manager to scrape everything and get the png’s and create an nfo. Then use infuse to read that. Wouldn’t need internet then? Maybe I’m reading all this wrong…

I’ve been using Kodi instead of TMM, but unfortunately it still seems internet is required if I want this content included in the library.

The vast majority of my content already lives alongside this metadata (but for items I hadn’t yet processed through Kodi before loosing access to my home internet).

Infuse doesn’t seem willing to add items to the library if it can’t scrape them directly at TMDB first, regardless if local metadata containing all searched-for TMDB-sourced information is already present. I can browse this content via the file browser and still play it, but I can’t get it recognized in the library (or removed from the “others” category).

Infuse only supports local .nfo for items already included in the library.