Help needed with Emby + Infuse / home screen / sorting / content

First a bit of a rant: why has Infuse made it so complicated to set up things this simple on the ATV?!

Now… if someone would like to help me out: in Infuse I have added an Emby share and created 4 favorites that show up on the home screen. These are Movies, TV shows, Anime and Anime Movies.
After fiddling with direct mode for a bit I cannot get my home screen to look like it did before.
Problem no 1: Infuse is now completely ignoring content from Anime and Anime Movies and displays only movies and tv shows on the home screen. Content shows up properly if I navigate to it via the favorites.
Problem no 2: if I do navigate to my favorites they are now listed in alphabetical order instead of my desired recently added.

What I would like is for infuse to display on the first row recently added content from the 4 favorites, then on the second row links to the favorites, and each of the favorites to be sorted by date, by rencently added. How can I achieve this?

Hm… no help for me :smiley:

In Direct Mode, Infuse will use the lists provided by the server instead of creating its own.

You can adjust which lists from the server Infuse displays by tapping the List icon in the upper right corner of the home screen and looking for the list of items listed for the server.

If you prefer to use Library Mode, Infuse will scan items from your server into its own library and you can use Infuse’s own lists to display on the Home Screen. This can include things like Recently Added, etc… and the available options for this can be found under the ‘Library’ section when adding lists using the process described above.

If using Library Mode, you can pick and choose which Emby items are scanned into Infuse’s library, and continue to browse the others directly via Favorites, if that suits your needs better.

Thank you for the long answer, James! I will surely experiment a further, however at first glance it is not working. I cannot get favorited shares to be sorted by date added no matter if I do direct mode or library mode. They are just sorted alphabetically.

Do you mean we should use playlists and not the libraries themselves, for example: if you have two libraries, create a playlist for each and them use that in Infuse? If so, is this by design or a limitation of Emby?

Library mode was working in my case somewhat satisfactory but after trying out direct mode now I cannot get it to work as before.

Is there a guide maybe to how one can achieve this? In Emby I have all my libraries sorted by date added.

To clarify: before I was adding favorites in the Shares settings (I have a few like Movies, Anime etc) and when I was browsing them (ie clicking on the favorite card on the Home Screen) they were showing content based on date added. Now when I navigate them the content is only displayed alphabetically.

I’ve been using Infuse with Emby for years and don’t think I’ve ever seen items in a favorite folder sorted by date added.

It was working like this before the newest updates. I had my libraries added as favorites on the home page and when I navigated inside them they were displayed by date added. At this point I have to question whether this was just a bug and a blessing in disguise for a short period for me.
But if it was, I couldn’t begin to wonder why it was kept like this for this entire time and why more users haven’t requested this.

Sorry for the confusion.

Browsing the media server (Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex) directly via a favorite (with or without Library Mode enabled) will use the new direct integration. This is dramatically faster than before, especially with larger libraries.

If you have Library Mode enabled and are using the Library to browse then all the normal sorting options will still be available to you.

The ability to rely on the sort order set by the server or set sorting options in Infuse when browsing directly is in progress, and will be available soon - probably in 7.7.3.

James please allow me just one quick question: whether in library or direct mode where would one find the sorting options?

On ATV, this is found in Infuse > Settings > Sort By.

On iOS/macOS, you can change this on-the-fly in the upper right menu while browsing.

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