Help! - Need to Restore Photos from ATV2 5.1 (5201)

I have an ATV2 5.1 (5201) that has many photos saved from an iPhoto collection on a HDD that has irrecoverably failed.

They were saved on the device since its screensaver was connected to the iPhoto application. The images on the ATV are still OK - the ATV2 screensaver still shows them. I’m just making sure it doesn’t connect to a new iPhoto collection (which might cause it to purge its storage).

How could I recover these image files from the ATV2? I am assuming I would need to jailbreak this ATV2 in order to enable FTP access. However, based on some forum posts, it appears that the above firmware needs to be downgraded first and then jailbroken.

Would any of this activity purge the image files from the device? iTunes’ message about “erasing” when replacing the firmware concerns me. Any suggestions, reference links, and advice would be appreciated. I would really like to recover those files ASAP.

Thanks in Advance!!! :)


Jailbreaking would definitely erase all content (including the photos) from the device.

Off-hand I cannot think of a way to recover those photos unless they were also being backed up to iCloud (so that you can get them from there).