Help me with a setup?

Hello everyone. Here’s what I have:

*Macbook Pro with a lot of content that I have purchased and/or added to iTunes.
*The Macbook stores its iTunes library on a network drive stored on a Linux box and served via smb
*One brand-new Apple TV with aTV Flash

Here’s where I’d like to get to

*One iTunes library with all my content in it residing on the Linux box
*The macbook being able to play content from that library
*The apple TV able to play content from that library without the macbook being turned on

If I was adding a new machine, I could launch iTunes and point it at the networked library. It would tell me it has to authorize the new machine, I give it my iTunes ID and password, and off I go.

Is this possible with the Apple TV? What I’d like to be able to do is leverage the large amounts of safe, redundant storage on my linux machine to serve content to both the macbook and the apple tv. If I had to, I’d be OK with streaming content from the aTV to the Macbook, but not in the opposite direction.