Help me optimise Jellyfin integration

I’ve grown tired of having all my Infuse clients playing catchup with one another in regards to the watched status in my library and thought I’d give Jellyfin a go.

Overall I’m very happy (at least the library watched status stays synchronised), but I’m finding that at random times, Infuse on all clients delays bringing up the content from the library (white circle spinning) for anything from 30 secs up to 1-2 minutes. It’s as if it’s rescanning the library in the background.

Once the thumbnails are finally shown, all future response (including playback) is instant, until the next incident (maybe one day later?).

Is there a way I can instruct either Jellyfin or Infuse to pre-scan or continuously scan in the background all library metadata so that when I fire up Infuse, the library is completely scanned and prefetched to all clients?

A few background info; Running latest Infuse version on all clients, the clients are Apple TV 4K, Ethernet 1GB connection throughout the network.

One final question; since I rely on Jellyfin for keeping my library status synced, I have turned off iCloud sync. Am I missing something by having this turned off?

Thank you for your time.

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There are a number of improvements for Emby/Jellyfin coming in the 7.3 update, which will likely help with what you’re seeing here.

Thank you @james , let’s see if the situation gets better. What about the iCloud sync option? Does it play any role in scenarios where the database is stored on Jellyfin? Is there any benefit in turning it back on in my case?

iCloud Sync can be used to sync things like Home Screen layouts between devices, but it won’t have any real effect on your actual library when using a media server like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin.

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