Help me get my ATV back up!


I’m running an old version of ATV, and today I updated a few things on my aTV, at one point my screen went blue and then black,  I ran another tethered boot, which didn’t help. I figured I would just restore my ATV and start all over again.

I downloaded a new version of SeasonPass not knowing that it would override the old one which was a tethered JB, and when I went to restore the ATV in Itunes I got an error 21.

I tried looking for the IPSW, but couldn’t find it, so when trying to create a new IPSW file, I get an error saying that there is a conflicting software.

So now I can’t restore my ATV, nor create a new IPSW file with Seasonpass.

I believe this is my older version AppleTV2,1_5.0_9B179b
Please help

Hi All,

I’m happy to say that everything is ok. I went into the Create IPSW, right clicked on it, found the last version, then noticed the “Restore through Itunes” at the top and it went back to factory settings. However I’m now running the new Software.