Help - just about to purchase ATV4k and Infuse Pro

Hi all…i’ve been doing some research and I’m ready to change my current setup to an ATV4K with infuse pro.

My current set up is as follows - I have a small media library (about 1.8tb) made up mostly of Blu Ray rips with a few 4k Blu Ray rips. I don’t tend to rip every movie, and won’t keep it in my collection forever. These are stored on an old Qnap nas - I use MKV Toolnix to turn my Blu Rays into mkv files whilst maintaining the HD Audio tracks. In our main family room I have a Shield TV with Plex which Direct Plays everything, but the issue I have is that if my wife, or 2 kids want anything on their ipads, I also have to use handbrake to convert the file into an IOS friendly format, as my NAS just wont transcode anything. In short, I’m spending too much time managing my server and ensuring everyone has what they want on their device.

What I would like to do is the following 2 things. Replace my antique NAS with the 2tb iCloud subscription, upload my library to iCloud and use Infuse Pro to allow my family to watch what they want on their devices without me having to convert everything first. I would also like to get the newest Apple TV as a replacement for the Shield for our family viewing.

Am I right in thinking that Infuse Pro would allow me to do all of this? Is it really possible to store rips of 4k Blu Rays in the cloud and Infuse Pro stream them flawlessly to an ATV4k?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think Apple allows third party apps to access iCloud Drive files. So I don’t think you’ll be able to build an Infuse library with your iCloud files in it. There are other cloud services with support though, like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. I personally haven’t tried streaming from any cloud service so I can’t vouch for it.

I use a small, cheap Intel NUC where I keep all my files for streaming from all of the family’s iOS devices, several Apple TVs, iPads and iPhones. The cost of a NUC and some decent SSD storage really isn’t much more than a year or two of sufficient cloud storage. Since the NUC doesn’t have to do any transcoding the system requirements are very low.