Help!! Jailbroken ATV2 stopped working, need to re-jailbreak??

Hi! I need some help with my apple tv 2! First, I know very little about the specifics of jailbreaking. I bought a jailbroken ATV2 off of a guy 6 months ago, and it had been working great. Last night it froze while running XBMC, and wouldnt respond, so i unplugged it. Now it is stuck on the home screen, and it blinks white 3 times when i press any button, and wont respond to any combinations (Menu/Play, etc). I have tried unpairing and pairing, and it still will not work. I unplugged everything, restarted my router, and still nothing. I tried to restore it in itunes, but kept getting an error that it cant connect to the apple server. I have no idea what version of software this is running, and i am stuck as to where i go from here to fix it. I’m computer literate enough to follow a series of steps to jailbreak the thing, but the technical stuff (blobs, etc) are lost on me.

If someone could get me started in the right direction please, I would be very greatful.