Help jailbreaking ATV2 5.0... 1604 error

Hi all, I have been jailbreaking my atv2 for some time now, however Im updated to the latest 5.0 and want to JB with tethered boot. After running season pass no problem, go into DFU, starts the restore process, gets past verify with apple… then preparing to restore… It sits there for almost 5 minutes then gives me a Apple TV could not be restored and error 1604.


Any help would be great…



I have tried 2 different cables too.

Running iTunes 10.6.1 on Mac Snow Leopard.

try a or b or c, it should help

a.Reset atv via menu.

b.Try another computer.

c.Restore in itunes as normal, then do a jailbreak.

In my case, try restore again or try difference cables.

It happen to me a lot.

Do I have to run the entire Seasonpass process again to build the custom firmware or can I just Option select the already created firmware.

are you on rush? maybe this is the reason for error:)

run it from fresh

No, just want to make sure im doing it the right way…

Also, If i can get the jailbreak to work using another computer (iMac), can I use a different computer (laptop) to do the tethered boot? TV is in different room.

Have you passed 1st task already?