[help] iphone as mouse/keyboard for web surfing

Hi everybody and greetings from Italy.
I got a 2.4 Atv with 3.6.2 atvflash.

I am facing big issues with web surfing (with Safari or Firefox). How does it works? Once I am on the home page, how can I use a mouse keyboard to surf?.
If I try with “remote” app on iphone Safari crashes. Is there any way to use iphone 3g as mouse or keyboard? is there any other wireless keyboard I could use?
I tried with logitech dinovo mini, but it doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot for your precious help.

Again, greetings form Italy!

Couch Surfer Pro 1.1 and later (included in aTV Flash 3.6.4 or later) support using the iPhone Remote app as a mouse/keyboard.