Help! Infuse Pro 6 screwing up indexing and forcing metadata fetching

Hi all. Been using Infuse for a few years now and love it, but I just upgraded from Pro 5 to Pro 6 and now I’m ready to get a refund and be done with Infuse permanently. I’m using an ATV 4K and pulling the data from a raspberry pi over DLNA. This has worked great for the last few years. However, since upgrading to Infuse Pro 6 I’m having an issue where it’s trying to force fetching metadata. I always turn that off and use embedded metadata as I use MKVToolNix to embed the metadata in my .mkv files. I have cleared metadata cache multiple times and it appears to work initially, but then the next time I go back to Infuse, some of the files are using fetched metadata while some are not. It’s also showing the incorrect file/movie when selected. By this, I mean when I select click on a movie title, it will show me the info (title, description, etc) for a different movie, usually one that’s sequentially next or the one after that.

I’ve force reloaded the minidlna service and even resorted to deleting files.db from minidlna to re-index. Neither of these helped at all. Can some help solve this before I request a refund and move to Plex? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried using SMB instead of DLNA and then turning “Metadata Fetching” OFF and “Embedded Metadata” ON in the Infuse App.

It sounds like it’s the DLNA server conflicting with the embedded so going to the above settings should stop any conflicts between your embedded metadata and what’s fetched by the DLNA server and Infuse.

No, I haven’t tried that’s not an acceptable solution. I don’t want to use SMB and it’s been working fine prior to upgrading to Pro 6. Thank you though.

Why do you need DLNA when you have all embedded metadata?

Also, have you tried turning “Metadata Fetching” OFF and “Embedded Metadata” ON in the Infuse App and leaving it as DLNA?

Sorry, I thought it was clear in my post that I have fetching metadata off and embedded metadata on. I haven’t tried SMB. I’ve used DLNA since I first set this up a few years ago. Not even sure what the differences are between the two.

Just trying to make sure that I understood since you’re changing major versions and wasn’t sure if you had gone through all the new settings.

As to the differences, I just recall that James had said in the past that DLNA servers sometimes pass something different that the filename each time so it can cause problems like you’re talking about so that’s one reason. Second, SMB seems to be pretty stable and doesn’t change things when talking to Infuse. One major reason for going away from DLNA for me was that the Library function in Infuse doesn’t play well with DLNA and I really like the Library sorts and displays.

DLNA has always worked perfectly for me until upgrading to Pro 6, so again, none of these are acceptable solutions. This seriously sucks. I just now tried to resolve it by using the fetch metadata but it gets so many of my movies totally wrong and I’m not willing to edit each one, especially since I’d have to edit it for each of my ATV’s using Infuse. That is the reason I’ve never used their metadata feature…it’s not accurate enough.

Sorry for the trouble, that does sound frustrating.

With Metadata Fetching off in Infuse, Infuse will work to generate metadata and artwork from the video files themselves, and will not fetch anything from TMDB/TheTVDB on its own.

With that said, using DLNA can introduce some issues (renamed files, added metadata, etc…) that aren’t present with other streaming options, so if possible we generally recommend using something like SMB, NFS, or WebDAV. Using these options will also allow you to take advantage of the awesome new Library features, which won’t be available when using UPnP/DLNA.

Thanks for the reply, but I still don’t find this acceptable. I do not want to use SMB and this has worked perfectly via DLNA for years. Why is it now having an issue after upgrading to Pro 6? And lastly, how do I go about getting a refund for the upgrade? I’m going to go back to Pro 5 or just ditch it entirely for Plex. This is completely unacceptable.

Sorry to hear that. You can use this link to get in touch with Apple to request a refund.

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Thanks but I would not mark this as solved since there’s no answer to why the new version has created this issue that was not existent in the previous version.

How are you copying movies over to your Pi if you’re not using samba or NFS? Sneakernet copying via USB?

You could save quite a bit of time by taking 10 minutes to install Samba. Raspberry Pi Documentation

Just follow the above guide then edit the PATH in the smb.conf file with the actual path of your movies. Once you’re done, you can copy files from your PC or Mac right over your home network. Map the PI as a network drive, then copy and paste or drop and drag files over to the pi.

Then follow the infuse metadata guide when naming your files and it’ll pull the metadata automatically. No need for the hassle of MKVtoolnix. A simple rename is all it takes. Metadata 101 – Firecore

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I copy them by FTP’ing them to the Pi. I’ll give the SMB link a look and consider it. Thanks.

Infuse works using FTP too. Wont require any extra work.

Question about SMB…if I set it up, I assume I’ll disassociate the current share via DLNA, but will it see the same RPi as a SMB share as well that I would then connect to? Or am I misunderstanding how this works?

You can set up an SMB based share without it affecting your current DLNA share. After creating the share, Infuse would fetch metadata for these files separately.

Once you get the SMB share set up and working the way you like, you can remove the DLNA share.

The raspberry pi can act as a SMB(Samba) server. It will advertise the share folder that you designate in the smb.conf as an available network folder for other devices on the network to browse and use based on their permissions you give them. In this case you would set up the folder you put your movies in as a share folder and set permissions to read/write files in that share folder.

After the folder is on the network, Infuse can look at it and create a database of files and pull down metadata from the internet such as movie posters, synopsis, and even subtitles and store them on the apple tv. It only has to pull this data down once for each movie/show. It will update the database every time you open the share folder.

On Infuse, you can leave your DLNA setup alone. You can simply add a new share and set it up as a favorite which will put the folder on your main screen.

Yep, I knew all of that…the last sentence was what I was looking for. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Someone needs to remove the solved label for this thread. This is not solved at all. Being told to use SMB is absurd. I solved it by going back to Infuse Pro 5, and requested a refund for the Pro 6 upgrade.

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