HELP : Infuse 6 Pro not work on tvOS15

This is an issue related to tvOS 15, and will be resolved in Infuse 6.7 later this month.

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Thanks but I hope there is a mechanism for you as a top developer to tell Apple to get their act together.

I have the exact issues above after updating Apple TV OS to 15. ( Infuse 6 pro access a Plex Server on my NAS). I have no problems playing any file on the Plex app or Kodi app.

Having to wait for a 2 weeks for a fix is both great (yeah, fix!) and frustrating (Apple could’ve avoided this!). Steve Jobs must be turning over in grave over the degraded quality control over the past several years.


absolutely the same problem please help ( apple tv 4k(1st) infuse pro 6.6.5
after click on play button infuse app crashing( close) go to main screen on apple tv os

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we bought the app for the full price (infuse 6 pro 6.6.5) , and the preliminary versions of tv os 15 were released starting in June. has no one tested and met with such a problem - I would like to get suggestions for solutions to the problem

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do i need to update unfuse pro 6 (6.6.5) to 7 version ?

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hello to all.
got 2 issue with infuse 6 and 7.
Yesterday I received update to my apple tv 4k. - ios 15.
The first problem, infuse 6 Stopped playing video.
The second problem is infuse 7 constantly getting stuck playing video.
Is there anything I can do?
For both, I bought a pro license.

Thanks for all

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We are working to have the 6.7 update available on the App Store early next week.

Stay tuned.


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nobody noticed this during the iOS beta process ?
Currently I am no able to watch anything on the Apple TV and Infuse pro 6
And now I have to wait a week for this issue to be fixed…



I believe there was one early hotfix for infuse 6 pro, but otherwise there was no testing on it and the developers mentioned that there wouldn’t be anymore updates until after os 15 was released.


Infuse 6.7 (with a number of changes) is being submitted to Apple today.

If you’re interested in downloading it early via TestFlight, please drop me a PM.


i wish to download early. please include me. btw, i do not know how to send PM.( sorry )

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I also want to download it earlier, and I have not found a way to PM, can I send it to my email. grateful.@James

Tap on the picture circle and then click Message


Thanks much. I did but pm is not there. Perhaps i have no right to send pm yet.

i wish to download early. please include me.
i also have no right to send pm yet.

Pm sent finally. Thanks much for your help.

This issue has been resolved in Infuse 6.7, which is now available on the App Store for all users.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile: