HELP!!! How to Jailbreak apple tv 2 5.2 ( Jun.25.13 ) ?????

Hi, I’m new to the world of the jailbreak, I have a tv pple 2 in 5.2, never jailbreak

I want to jailbreak, anyone can help me, I know a lot of jailbreak iphone, ipad, but this is different,

im mac user

thanks for the great help


Use this method located here:


Thanks for your help!!

were you able to do the jailbreak for 5.2?


I’m working taking pictures on Laguna beac ca, but I will check more later, and I will post than you!

Ok Thanks for you help, finaly my apple tv is jailbroken in 5.2

but i whan to install plex, and i gess is not supported yet for 5.2???

any idea to install Plex on 5.2 ??

Thank you!