Help: h264 MKV with 5.1 AC3 needs Pro version?

I have some files that won’t play on newest Infuse on Apple TV 4K because it reminds me to buy the Pro version (or subscribe to it). Don’t know what’s the matter though as it looks like regular mkv files:

  • one video track (h264)
  • two audio tracks
    — ac3 6channel german
    — ac3 6channel english

Do I need pro version for AC3 decoding?


If you look at the description of Infuse 5 in the App Store, at the end is a section titled “GET MORE WITH INFUSE PRO!”, which includes AC3 in the list.

My understanding is the Firecore license the Dolby support in Infuse from Dolby for which they have to pay a license fee which is why it is not available in the free version.

Correct. Dolby audio is a Pro feature.

Thank you both for the clarification!

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