Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

It is possible to convert TrueHD Atmos to EAC3 JOC, but only with Dolby’s tools. There are people doing it, but certainly not legally. Firecore would have to take a licensable route which does not exist at present (and probably won’t).

Are you sure about this? I’m pretty sure you can’t convert TrueHD Atmos to EAC3 JOC and that creating EAC3 JOC with DEE requires the actual Dolby master files (not the consumer TrueHD Atmos file).

No, I don’t have confirmation of that. There is some discussion around it over at the MakeMKV forum.

What I do know is that Infuse isn’t going to magically develop the ability unless Apple starts directly supporting Dolby or DTS lossless assets and I don’t see that happening. There simply is no reason for them to.

I could be wrong but I’m doubtful that Firecore is simply delegating to tvos. If they were, then Plex users wouldn’t be up in Plex’s grill demanding Plex fix their player. Perhaps Firecore has some ability…that Plex doesn’t…to capture the Atmos metadata from the source stream and package it up into Dolby MAT for the AVR.

What I know is that with EAC3/Atmos content, Infuse lights up “Atmos” on my Denon and Plex doesn’t.

This seems to be a different issue than the one that motivates this petition: supporting passthrough for TrueHD/Atmos playback of local blu-ray rips. Instead, it’s an EAC3/Atmos playback issue on ATV that Infuse has solved but Plex hasn’t.

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With tvOS 17 being announced, I have a feeling you guys will be digging into the CoreAudio and AVFoundation changes to check if audio passthrough changes made it in?


@james could you please update the “Steps for filing a Radar” bit? It seems that it changed and I would like to give my 2 cents to pressure Apple to do the right thing. Thanks.

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Thanks! I filed all feedback with Apple I could, let’s hope something comes of this. I don’t want a ShieldTV just for playing local files. The AppleTV is plain more user friendly for me (I used the original ShieldTV for years before switching to the first usable tvOS AppleTV 4k. Since then I just had to live with the fact I will lose something, but now I extended my audio setup to include height speakers and seeing them be unused is just weird.


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Hmm, wonder if you could request bitstream on the Apple TV


Seems like these requests are aimed at iOS and iPhone only. :confused:

Hmm. iPhone to HDMI adapter?

The EU-DMA thinks more in platform services and os api‘s.
If there is the same API on iOS, iPadOS and tvOS Apple prevents and you need access to, there is a good chance. So the HDMI adapter on iPhone is a good argument. If Apple refuses the application for access, it would be an interesting thing to make this public.
Also it will be interesting to see if the first payment provider asks for NFC access on watchOS.

You lose nothing with your 7.1 system. Your avr’s dolby decoder was already discarding any height metadata, this is just the dolby decoder in Infuse doing it before it gets to your avr.

Why in the world would it do that?

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is there a way to convert Dolby TrueHD Atmos to DD+ Atmos with all the metadata to play in Infuse?


Nope. From my understanding you need the mastering tracks and some expensive software.

The best you can do to achieve this is to know where to source the WEB-DL version’s Atmos EAC3 JOC 5.1 track. You would then time align it to the UHD Blu-ray version and Mux it into that version with mkvmerge.

Sadly I have TrueHD Atmos that aren’t available on WEB-DLs. Also they are in German.