Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

Keep hoping. Reality is you could probably take out a 5 year loan and have it paid off before apple supports lossless audio on the AppleTV.

Support won’t appear on a minor update. The only way we’ll ever get it is if apple decides to include TrueHD with iTunes content.

This would most likely be something announced at wwdc and/or all the major Mac sites would announce it when it happens.

I played Dolby Atmos tracks today via Tidal App. It shows on my Preamp that it receives Atmos/TrueHD. So there seem to be a way to output these now.

Tidal only does Dolby digital+ atmos not TrueHD atmos. It’s the same encoding that Apple Music uses.

If your Pre-amp/processor or Sound bar is reporting “TrueHD” when receiving audio from your ATV4K, then what you are receiving is, in fact, a Dolby MAT container. Inside is pre-decoded LPCM along with Atmos metadata. That pre-decoded PCM comes from the original EAC3 core audio content as it was supplied by the content provider. EAC3 is Dolby Digital Plus, which is “lossy”, but Atmos metadata “can” be attached to it.

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I want to believe.

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You are right. I asked the support of my Preamp and they told me the same. It will be correctly displayed with update to the newer Dolby codec in the next time.

Anyone knows if Atmos is sent to 3rd parties Atmos headsets ? (Like the Bang and Olufsen Portal)

Lossy atmos via Bluetooth is only supported by apple AirPods and possibly beats. You can get Dolby atmos upmix on any wired headphone on a supported iPhone (not AppleTV)

If you want headphone atmos on AppleTV you’ll need one that has some sort of HDMI transmitter like the Sony mdr hw700ds.

Oh I love my Apple TV but they make it so hard sometimes.

On iPhone I can get the Music Atmos through Bluetooth on 3rd parties headphones, that won’t work with movies?

Maybe? If it works it works if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Ball is in apples court.

There’s no Atmos headset. It’s just marketing gimmick.

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If I understand this correctly, Apple encapsulates a lossy stream inside a lossless package, thus making processors think they are getting TrueHD lossless?

It is indeed a lossy stream decoded in to LPCM. However, the receiving end (processor or similar) should not be confusing LPCM and True-HD. They might both be lossless, but different formats. Think of it like FLAC and WAV.

I have signed the petition, added a request on Apple Feedback and submited a suggestion with my Apple Developper account :hot_face:

In wait, I think I will buy a Shield Pro but what is the best Video Player App you use ?

Thanks for your answer.

@MCDantas @Bakes82

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I just use the plex app as I use plex. I only ever used infuse when I was testing out my appletv. And now I dont even use infuse. The infuse devs listen about as good as the plex devs which is top requests are ignored and obscure features that the devs want get added.

Thanks for your answer.

I don’t use Plex on my NAS. I would like to use like Infuse from my Apple TV. With SMB or WebDAV protocole :slight_smile:

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Study the essence of the problem, and then make similar statements.
Bitstream (dolby atmos/dts x), which many people write about here, should not be added to infuse. This should be added to tvOS. And only after that, this feature will be in infuse. Understand already that Apple TV itself should be able to transmit bitstream. As long as he does not do this, no application will receive such support.
This has been said many times, but still some people like to write that the developers from firecore are to blame.
The situation is exactly the same with Dolby Vision profiles.

I use Kodi with a plex addon. The latest nvidia shield update created issues with the native plex client.

If you want to use SMB install Kodi.

Ok thanks for your recommandation :wink:

I have a hope that Apple upgrade one day his mind :grin: