Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

That’s why I use a Shield for Plex and an ATV for everything else :frowning:


I do enjoy the LPCM. Playback from infuse is better than anything I could stream.

And I have access to most of my ATMOS movies as streaming also through iTunes.

I do the exact same thing. I use my AppleTV for streaming and will occasionally pop in over to infuse if I want to watch a downloaded TV episode but by and large all of my movie watching is done on my Shield Pro because Home Theatre Experience > user interface. Sadly the home theatre experience is being limited by choices made on apples end.

The audio on the Shield Pro was great, but the interface looked archaic and turned me off. I became so used to the ATV4K interface and now with Infuse 7 Pro I’ll have to make sacrifices and live with LPCM. Anyone with a Dune device, how is that specific interface?

Good afternoon. Tell me, the situation with bitstream in infuse is not moving yet?
Does Apple say anything about this? Are there any negotiations between firecore and Apple?

Unfortunately nothing has changed and don’t expect it to change. If you need Atmos you will have to look at another player.

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Okay, thanks.
Using Apple TV 4K+infuse gives me a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, I am not ready to go to any other player for bitstream.
I just decided to find out if there are any negotiations with Apple. No, well, okay.

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After using Infuse for several months now I have had zero issues with playback, well with the exception of a five to ten second rewind to listen to something I missed. That has been fixed. I don’t have any 4K files with the exception of a THX trailer that is unable to play on plex but Infuse handles it with ease. No atmos, but 7.1 pcm is acceptable at the moment.


Hey everyone, I just tested few files and InFuse on my ne Apple TV 4K plays files with Atmos Track correctly. My AVR Denon 4500h shows Atmos on display. So passing through Atmos is working fine. The only problem is the DTS/DTS-MA/DTSX…
I use Both, Apple TV and Nvidia Shield Pro. 90% of the time, I’d use Plex in Shield Pro, BUT sometimes (very rarely), there is playback issues. My source is Synology NAS 918+, all connected with 1GB network, cables only. Today it happened again while playing LOKI tv show. Plex in Shield was stuttering… So I turned it of and switched to InFuse. And it played perfectly. Both, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos was detected and working.
Infuse is great App I think. I wish Apple brought back full passthrough like it used to be before tvOS 10.
Fingers crossed.

What type of files did you play that Dolby Atmos appeared on the Denon 4500h? Where they mkv files, or mp4 files.

Great to hear. Yes infuse can playback streaming Dolby vision (profile 5) and Dolby Atmos (eac3). If only they extend to other formats.

Sorry, it actually doesn’t play ALL Atmos files… Yes you’re right, MP4s always work, but with MKV, it’s 50-50. I have folder with DEMO files ripped from Dolby and DTS demos discs. If it’s m2ts file, it doesn’t work. But with MKV, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.
One more thing, I played a DTSX file, which tests all 11 speakers in my system and when played through InFuse, the 4 ceiling speakers are re/directed to 4 surround speakers on the ground. I though that when converted to PCM, it keeps the number of channels. I didn’t know it also down mixes them from 11 to 7 channels. Well, that’s why I have Shield :slight_smile:

The only Atmos file Infuse played was a 7.4.1 Atmos speaker test tone clip and it was an mp4 file.

It doesn’t matter what type of file it is it matters how the audio is encoded. As long as it’s eac3 JOC it’ll play back just fine regardless of the file container. It’s it’s TrueHD with atmos it’ll always fail to play as atmos 100% of the time

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Just want to say, +1 from me on this topic. I hope Apple will add support for Atmos metadata in TrueHD and similar formats in the future. Either through bitstreaming or otherwise. The Apple TV 4K is by far the best media player in every other aspect, it’s just unfortunate that it lacks this functionality.


If Apple brought back full Passthrough like it was before tvOS 10.5 or whatever version it was, ATV would become much bigger competitor to Nvidia Shield. Nvidia Shield Pro would be left with only two more advantages… KODI and GeforceNow.

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This exactly - I totally agree. Way better user experience than the Shield, just a bit lacking in format support. C’mon Apple you can do it!

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Apple can most definitely can do it, but I think it comes down to licensing which means $$$

No. Bitstream is not a codec or any format, it is the player’s ability to transmit sound in its original form to the receiver. But already the receiver, depending on what it has licenses for, will play the audio track either in atmos or in something else. Therefore, it is Apple in this case that no one needs to pay anything.

And if Apple ever returns bitstream to tvOS, then the ability to play other audio tracks in atmos, in addition to EAC-3, will need to be added to the infuse player, and not to the Apple TV 4K itself.


Any more feedback from the latest OSTV 15.2 update?

I mean tvOS 15.4