Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

Infuse has to decode it because it cannot output the full bitstream. Maybe it’s a different reason than bit depth, though. It could be hardware limited in the 4th gen, but only software on 4k. My guess, though, is that it is software limited on both, but maybe they would only do 4k because almost all of the Atmos content comes from 4k movies and blurays, not HD stuff.

I chatted with some Apple engineers at the tvOS and AVFoundation labs. None of them seemed to know anything. They could be being coy, but I’m starting to think it might not even require new APIs—bitstreaming will be a new consumer-facing option later this summer, and existing apps will “just work”. Fingers crossed! Regardless, I don’t think we’ll get any new info until closer to September.

Can you please explain this in other words to us? It sounds good the way you’re describing it.

Actually after thinking about it more, I’m not so sure. New APIs are almost certainly going to be required. But I have hope that they’ll exist.

Last I heard it was ATV4k API wont allow 192khz and this adds to why Passthrough audio doesn’t work anymore. I doubt Apple cares at all for the small nitch that wants to play native local content. Their market is streaming content and IMHO design their product to encourage/control people towards the content they provide (iTunes) and business partners. I foresee the only Atmos they will allow will be DD+/Atmos for streaming content. Not what I personal hope, but my gut feeling is that is what we will get.

Sadly, I agree. Apple has never catered to the tiny highly technical segment of the market. Sadder still, we 4K ATV Infuse users represent an even tinier segment of that tiny segment: those who demand the best capabilities AND the best user experience. There’s little hope of profits in such a low volume market.

JUst here to keep tabs on whats happening

La segunda beta de tvos 12 para desarrolladores ha sido liberada. Alguien que la tenga instalada ha visto algo referente a Atmos en esta beta??

Courtesy of Google translate

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Thanks @NC Bullseye ?.
No, the only build available in the US is 12.0 beta 1 build (16J5283n).

okay. I read the news badly. We are still waiting. Thank you very much

We can track the beta release from here.
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I’m dying for news about this…

Second Beta of tvOS 12 Now Available for Registered Developers

b2 seems with Atmos!


Sweet! Now let’s hope they let 3rd party use it.

Do you have a 4th gen to try on? I don’t expect it, but would be nice to know.

Nice! How does it work? Is it bitstream audio? Or does the Apple TV 4K convert everything to lossy Atmos?

you mean apple tv 4k? I have one, but don’t know how to try with 3rd player…

I meant Apple TV 4th gen :slight_smile: (4k version is 5th gen).

It must be detecting your Atmos receiver right? Mines just giving me Dolby Digital 5.1, Stereo or Convert Format off. Audio Output settings section is new too.