Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

I wonder how Siri will be able to “talk” during audio passthrough?

This is why I believe there won’t be passthrough, because it wouldn’t be possible for Siri to talk AFAIK.

What I think will happen is the Apple TV will decode Atmos and just insert Siri into the decoded center channel.

Siri doesn’t talk on the Apple TV.

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Yes it is. But I’m 99,99999% sure that Apple will use DD+ for Atmos and not TrueHD. So there basically is zero point for us getting nervous about it.

Yes, but nevertheless it will be a bitstream method. The content from Netflix and itunes is lossy. So if we can play our Blu-ray backups from our NAS with Infuse, the technical path is the same. So, full Atmos is a fact.

So yes, I will get my hopes up. There isn’t another

True. But enabling passthrough of DD+ doesnt mean that passthrough of TrueHD or DTS-HD will be enabled as well. Sure, technically its possible (from a hardware standpoint) but that doesnt mean that it will happen.
Dont get me wrong, I’m glad to be wrong about it but I dont expect to be.

Quick update.

Apple has not yet released any technical details regarding Atmos, so we really don’t know how they plan to implement it at this time. Also, there are no signs of Atmos in the current tvOS 12.0 beta 1.

It’s likely at least some of these details will be revealed during various sessions at WWDC, or in the developer documentation in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


I noticed you said tvOS 12. I am currently running on tvOS 12 and it constantly crashes once I connect to plex. Same goes with both iPad and iPhone which are running ios 12 as well. Am I missing something or are the crashes resulting from the new ios and tvOS?

You’re not doing anything wrong, Infuse just needs a few changes for iOS/tvOS 12.

We submitted a new version to Apple this morning…about 18 hours after the release of 12.0 b1. :slight_smile:

Great news! Thanks for the hard work!

And this is why I love the Infuse team! ??

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+1, super excited to have Atmos. But no dts:X?

Just like Apple only used DD+ previously for iTunes stuff, they will only use Atmos now. But if they really do support 3rd party bitstream, then there is also a chance to get dts:x support.

My bet will be that they simply implement the DD+ Atmos variant used in streaming as Netflix does. Not holding my breath for true Atmos or DTS X or passthru. Apple has no own benefit by offering this. But a part of me really hopes that Apple will deliver what we would like.

I think there is only one way to do Atmos, and this is bitstream. Only the AV-Receiver can do the job, so they have to implement it. So hope they will open it for all apps.

So? It’s pointless to have the ability to bitream DD+ for us as basically all disc based content uses TrueHD for Atmos and not DD+.
And again, just because it can bitstream DD+ does not mean anything in regards to TrueHD or DTS-HD.

If I remember correctly, the limitation with current bitstream through Apple TV is that it only supports 16-bit audio, but for lossless tracks it needs 24-bit. If Apple sticks with DD+ and just adds Atmos metadata to the stream then they could probably just stick with 16-bit and that would prevent HD+Atmos from working. It wouldn’t require a complete rewrite of their audio paths. Hopefully, though, they do implement 24-bit bitstream support.

The Apple TV support 24 bit audio. It already does when you’re playing ISO’s through Infuse. The only difference now it that the bitstream is decoded by Infuse to LPCM.

so is it related with hardware design or just a software problems?

so it is a software limitation,right?