Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

Please note that you may be getting atmos but it’s not bitstreaming all the channels. I have tested with multichannel and some of the data is lost (e.g., surround channels).

This is my experience as well. No back channels and no High channels. But Dolby Atmos content in iTunes is working with all channels. So we must be close :slight_smile:

Not really. When the very first beta launched there was some iTunes atmos content working. And infuse would display atmos even if it didn’t work. Subsequent beats removed both of these and the recent beta just brought us back to what the very first beta was doing. So we’ve gone back to the beginning.

I don’t agree that the betas removed functionality. All that happened was that Apple removed the iTunes atmos content. They actually did this over the course of around a day after the public beta was released. Some titles still played but over the course of around 24hrs it all disappeared. They added atmos streams back on Thursday night a few days after the last beta release…it’s not the beta that changed this, it was apple’s decision to make the content available.

Irrelevant. It was working on day 1. And then it was removed and recently added back. Whether part of a beta or not doesn’t change that.

I’ve been waiting all summer to hear something from the developers regarding tv os 12 beta. Still no comments if they’ve managed to get bitstream working on hd tracks. How is it going? Can you see any light at the end of the tunnel?

I can’t speak for the developers but the reason you aren’t hearing anything is because there is nothing to report. I also follow MrMC forums and they have stated that they won’t be able to do anything until tvOS 12 is officially released. I’m guessing that Apple
Hasn’t released any public APIs for developers to use.

If they haven’t released any new API:s at this point, they probably won’t after tv os 12 is released. One reason for beta is to try out new API:s available.
I’m guessing they’re telling Netflix they now can add Dolby Atmos tracks with DD+ to their movies.
As for infuse, not much to do without new API:s. I would hope they would comment if there were new API:s available.

Found this specification for http streaming:
2.5. Supported multichannel audio formats are:
Dolby Digital (AC-3)
Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3)
Dolby Digital Plus with Dolby Atmos

Audio channels
Total (kb/s)
2.0 (stereo)
32 to 160
2.0 (stereo)
Dolby Digital Plus
96 to 160
5.1 (surround)
Dolby Digital
5.1 (surround)
Dolby Digital Plus
7.1 (surround)
Dolby Digital Plus
Nominally 16
Dolby Digital Plus with Dolby Atmos
384 to 768

That pretty much confirms no Atmos with TrueHD tracks. The time and effort required to re-encode any existing movies to a supported audio format isn’t worth it. If time is money then it’s probably better spent on a different box.

Let’s wait it out. We still didn’t get official details from the Infuse team.

I think lossless Dolby Atmos will be supported.

You just quoted a streaming spec, no? How does that “confirm” applicability to local file playback?

First time ever I see Atmos displayed on my Denon Receiver with ATV 4k with latest beta 7!
Unfortunately it sounds only front speaker. But it’s closing maybe…

Developer tvOS 12 beta 7 (16J5349a) is up now. Public beta maybe later today.

It doesn’t, I never said that. This was the only spec I found.

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Your original post refers to http streaming

I just tried streaming a UHD from Infuse (Avengers) and its showing Atmos, with all speakers active (from info button on Denon), but audio only in 2.0.

Hello everyone, I have some thoughts about bitstreaming of TrueHD7.1 and Atmos.

First, does the “Convert format - OFF” option in tvOS12 mean that we will be able to bitstream Dolby TrueHD 7.1 and DTS-MA with apps like Infuse? Maybe it will all become clear in the final tvOS12 build or maybe in the first update sometimes after launch?

Second, if first is true, why is everybody assuming Apple is willing to die on the “DD+ only Atmos” hill and not offer “bluray style Atmos” (aka what’s found in common atmos MKVs) i.e. trueHD+atmos? We can’t be sure.

Third, we know that Atmos can be converted to LPCM+DolbyMAT2.0.
We also know that currently Apple TV for compatibility with very old AVRs can do this on the go:
DD+ —> LPCM (+added system sound effects) —> DD 5.1

So my question would be, if ATV can only output bitstream atmos in DD+, could they handle TrueHD-Atmos this way:
TrueHD Atmos (from MKV/ISO) —-> LPCM + Dolby MAT 2.0 —-> DD+ Atmos ——> to the AVR
(by the way I think Plex does this in some instances)

tvOS 12 final build can’t come soon enough…

Since we are speculating, maybe this will help.

That’s what my Sony receiver is showing with all iTunes ATMOS content. PCM with Dolby MAT2.0.

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So the same could be done for TrueHD-Atmos from MKVs/ISOs? Just decode it and output PCM@DolbyMAT2.0? Can’t be that difficult, TrueHD-Atmos is not that different from TrueHD-7.1…