Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

I kind of agree apart from the fact that there’s nothing really to suggest it isn’t working properly. In fact reports from people with acess to the early developer betas gave positive feedback on the range of atmos content available on iTunes at that time.

Apple pulled the content prior to the public beta which led people to believe it wasn’t working. Apps such as infuse require an update to support atmos and this has been recognised by the developers on here yet people still fire up the latest Apple beta and claim it’s not working.

My guess is that it is working fine but Apple have been getting inundated with bug reports because people have expectations that apps such as infuse will support it. In these circumstances I could understand them turning it off until launch when they will redeliver content via iTunes.

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Infuse was updated. No changes for my experience. Everything is still sent at Atmos to the receiver no actual sound.

According to the sticky post in the suggestions thread of this forum, atmos support and fixes for tv os 12 are listed as ‘upcoming features’. They’re not listed as being ‘in progress’ for either the 5.7.6 or 5.8 releases so it would seem unlikely they’re coming anytime soon.

No it worked out. Had to power toggle the receiver.

Remember that tvOS 12 beta is under NDA, so we won’t hear of any advancements until our james @ firecore confirms he is eligible to share further.

Dolby Atmos support is secretly being added on the upcoming features list!! That’s great news!

Of course it is on the features list (already mentioned above), but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Up to Apple to truly support it.

Nah, it’s just the Russians hacking and meddling in our voting on what features we want.

Or what munpip214 said :wink:

Beta 6 released (to devs). PB probably tomorrow.

I really hope so. Getting used to Nvidia Shield

How are you coping with having to manually change video modes when you switch between 4k and hd material?

I dont cope. It does it by it self

It doesn’t auto switch colour spaces.

[quote=astirling]It doesn’t auto switch colour spaces. So if you don’t manually change video modes you’ll be playing either 4k material (rec 2020) or HD material (Rec 709) with inaccurate colours.

One way to see that is switch between your Shield and your ATV and check the reds in content.

true. But it can play UHD, HDR Atmos and DTS:X via Plex

So if you are so happy with it why are you using Infuse? I’ve completely migrated to ATV4K now and my two Shield boxes are just Plex Media Servers these days.

So long as you manually change video modes when going between UHD and HD material.

Also an ex shield user here. I was never so glad to get rid of a piece of hardware!

I’m curious why Firecore remains silent on Dolby Atmos support. As we are now on Beta 6, I’d imagine they must know by now whether Apple is giving developers the hooks for this (and for lossless audio to boot) by now.

I’m suspecting it will not be possible at this point.

Even without saying anything specific (to avoid breaking an NDA) there could be some commentary that refers at least to the publicly stated support of Dolby Atmos by Apple and how that may impact future development of Infuse

Atmos support is listed as an upcoming feature in the development thread.