Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

true. But it can play UHD, HDR Atmos and DTS:X via Plex

So if you are so happy with it why are you using Infuse? I’ve completely migrated to ATV4K now and my two Shield boxes are just Plex Media Servers these days.

So long as you manually change video modes when going between UHD and HD material.

Also an ex shield user here. I was never so glad to get rid of a piece of hardware!

I’m curious why Firecore remains silent on Dolby Atmos support. As we are now on Beta 6, I’d imagine they must know by now whether Apple is giving developers the hooks for this (and for lossless audio to boot) by now.

I’m suspecting it will not be possible at this point.

Even without saying anything specific (to avoid breaking an NDA) there could be some commentary that refers at least to the publicly stated support of Dolby Atmos by Apple and how that may impact future development of Infuse

Atmos support is listed as an upcoming feature in the development thread.

Latest beta and version of infuse 5.7.6 and I have Atmos

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Never mind. It’s appears everything is being sent as atmos. So sound is working but I don’t think it’s true atmos. At least it’s working.

Please provide more information including settings receiver and output details. Several members have gotten Atmos to show up but considering there is no API that infuse uses for Atmos I’m guessing it’s not true atmos.

i don’t know how you’re getting atmos to show up. I’m running the latest developer preview and my infuse still craps out with the playback error. i’m connected to a Sony str-dn1080

In my excitement- I jumped the gun. Everything is playing as Atmos on my receiver (regardless of it being atmos or not). Receiver is a Denon X1300w. I see atmos on receiver with Dolby digital and Dolby Atmos sources.

Height speakers appear engaged but not as much as I would expect.

Have you upgraded to the latest infuse? 5.7.6. It came out today. Before today I was getting the error or (best case) no audio at all.

I do have audio now with latest update. My receivers (Denon) lits up as Atmos, but output from listening is only stereo. The receiver app does list Atmos input and Atmos output with all channels lit. Guess we are getting there! Thanks for the hard work!

Running 5.7.6 with Plex integration and all I get is the error. I’ve got a Zidoo X9S to tide me over until infuse gets atmos support.

Latest version shows atmos but back speakers are inactive for me.

a couple of users on AVSforum say Atmos is now available on Itunes.

I can confirm loads of uk titles now playing as atmos on iTunes too

In Italy as well

Showing as Atmos in Canada as well. Disney must really hate iTunes… no 4K movies and no Atmos.

Disney are launching their own streaming service very soon.

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