Help get 24p on Apple TV (Update: Now Available!)

Yes, this is awesome. Haven’t upgraded to 4k version yet, but almost did with that Best Buy deal this week. This was the main thing missing for me since I don’t have a 4k tv yet. Since infuse is already using dynamic for 4k version, will this just work as soon as get on beta for apple tv?

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Same here. I wanted native frame rate for ATV4 also since I don’t have 4K; Will this this work for Infuse users with ATV 4th gen?

Infuse 5.6.7 works with frame rate switching on ATV4 w/ 11.3 beta1 installed. :wink:


Whoa, this is awesome! I told you guys it was possible :wink:

Anyone recommend some scenes from movies to test this out? I’m curious to compare the smoothness quality with frame rate switching ON vs OFF.

Will the regular ATV4 also have 24p?

The Martian has a lot of slow panning mountain/desert scenes which are pretty good examples.

Yep! :slight_smile:


Sorry to have bad news here but it seems that on my TV, 2160p24 HDR from my Apple TV 4K has severe banding issues, but 2160p60 plays fine (as long as you have never activated 4:2:2 chroma subsampling, or reset video settings afterwards).

So I have now disabled frame rate matching for now :frowning:
…but I can finally watch Blade Runner 2049 from the iTunes Store in HDR!

A more detailed post is here: Apple TV 4K - Strange video quality problem - #18 by jrmec.49364

Great news :slight_smile:

Glad to see all happy messages, but I have Apple TV 4K with latest OS and Infuse PRO of latest version and get stuttering, while trying to play 1080p 24fps movies. Auto frame rate is on. Yes, it says 24fps, but it plays obviously as I easily see dropped frames. Movies with 23.976 plays just fine (but showing as if it is 24), 25 - fine, but 24 is played with stuttering. What am I doing wrong? BTW there is a thread on avsforum in wich thi problem is discussed. Please advice.

I would create a new thread and submit a diagnostic code with details so they can take a look.

Unfortunately, the Apple TV does not support 24.000 Hz output, so Infuse will switch to the next closest thing which is 23.976 Hz.

Yep, this is not an infuse issue but an Apple TV issue :wink:

Never had intention to blame Infuse for that, just trying to understand the issue and searching Inet, saw the promissing title “Help get 24p on Apple TV (Update: Now Available!)” here and posted a question. BTW just during this messages exchange received an idea from one of my friends to check the settings on ATV, not only the frame rate matching should be ON, but also to set the format manually to 1080p 24 (it was 1080p 50). And stangely it looks like helping. Strangely, because, as it already said, ATV doesn’t support true 24, but really, at least while have a quick look for samples in 23.976, 24 and 25, the stuttering was not visible, at least not as pronounced. Interesting…

Most commercial content is going to actually be 23.976 instead of 24.000, so 24p is usually a safe and more user-friendly term.

Also, a little bird told me 24.000 may be coming in a future tvOS update…but no ETA right now.

So yes, after some prcise watching now I can say, that with frame rate matching ON 23.976 is OK, 25 is OK but real 24.000 IS NOT, micro stuttering exists, doesn’t matter what format bos you check, this manual format setting makes difference only for the user interface. So the headline of the thread looks at least misleading, as ATV4K DOES NOT support 24fps, it ONLY supports 23.976 and when one finds in menu “1080 24” and in reality it is “1080 23.976” it is purely misleading information, technical specks and menus are not the place for user-friendly terms :-), it is technical data, not friendly chat.

And thanks tto your little bird for giving hope :-), as far as I understand ATV4K has no hardware limitation for that.

Hello James,

Anything from your little bird? Negative ( I mean sorta Stop Waiting! It Never Will Happen!) would be also a result, at least clear…

I see… bird died… Well, negative result is also a result.

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