HELP : Forced subtitles displayed in foreign language

Hi - looking for some help with something that’s been happening recently.

I rip all of my movies from BluRay to my PLEX Server. And then I use Infuse 6 Pro to watch them on my AppleTV (I also use Plex clients on some of my other TVs)

Recently, where English language movies have foreign language parts (e.g. the italian dialogue in The Irishman), the Forced subtitles are displayed in German, where I would expect them to display in English

All of my settings are set to English and (as a far as I am aware) have nothing to do with German!

Infuse subtitles are set to Forced Only
Infuse languages are all set to English

This happens consistently with my movies.

It doesn’t happen when I play via VLC on a Mac. And it doesn’t happen when I use a Plex player.

Any help resolving would be much appreciated!

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Forced subtitles on Infuse show up when a subtitle track has had the Forced tag in mkv is set to true. It does not do any special magic with languages of tracks and settings. Check your files and see if you have those rages. It might be that German ones gets tagged first so infuse uses them. You can use something like mkvtoolnix to adjust forced tags.

I recommend ripping them with only English subtitles in the future (no need to have multiple unused languages).