Help: Erased Movies file via SSH

Hello and thanks for this forum.

I was using Cyberduck and I just accidentally erased the entire Movie folder, instead of just a movie. I’m not too hopeful, but does anyone know how/if this folder and it’s contents can be retrieved?

Is it possible to directly access the drive in a way that I can run some recovery software?

Thanks for any help.

Not that I’m aware of. I know you can remove the drive and hook it up to a Mac and recover the files using Data Rescue or some recovery program like it. I don’t think you can run a recovery from a networked volume. I could be wrong, but if anyone else has any ideas, feel free to post them.

Thanks a ton for the reply. I was thinking that could be the only option. And it may be worth the trouble. I do have Data Rescue and there were about 30GB in hard to replace movies on there. :o
I’ve left the thing untouched since the mishap. Maybe I’ll crack it open tomorrow or Monday.

If you go to and you will find an AppleTV take apart guide. Of course this voids your warranty, we don’t endorse this and you should have some technical knowledge.