Help desperately needed!!!

I am a new user to ATVFlash and am thoroughly confused. I purchased the newest version for the PC and successfully created a flash drive. I then installed atvflash onto my apple tv. I went into nito tv and performed the steps to enable USB support via SMB. I have a newer apple tv so I chose SMB. That seemed to go ok.

The first issue I encountered was a lack of clarity in the instructions after installing the USB support. I don’t know if I’m supposed to create a manual share point or not. I attached a free agent 1.5 terabyte drive to the USB port on the apple tv. Do I need a share point? If so, what IP address should I use? do I assign a new address to the share point. Is it the IP address of the apple tv? I do not see the hard drive or even have a clue as to the step by step procedure to enable it. Am I required to make the usb connected external hard drive the primary storage? Does the program allow me to make the external hard drive extra or slave storage to the internal hard drive to the apple tv?

How would I make the USB Hard Drive Format: Max OS Extended (Journaled)?

I ran the nito tv smart installer before I connected the external hard drive. do I need to repeat the installation of the smart installer again now that the hard drive is connected? Where would I see my storage for the new Hard Drive? How would I transfer to it?

I installed winscp but have no idea of how to configure it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Manual share points are only for connecting via SMB. If you just wish to use an external hard drive you will not need this.

After running the Smart Installer, restart the Apple TV.

Once the Apple TV is restarted, insert the USB drive you wish to use. It must be formatted in a Mac OS or FAT32 format (NTFS formats are not supported).

The drive will be viewable in the nitoTV > Files, Media, and Files menu.