Help deciding between Pro 6 or subscription

That may be the case, but by going with a yearly subscription from the outset with InFuse 5 I got a very good subscription price (much lower than the current one for new users). It has worked out much cheaper than buying the stand-alone version and in addition I am getting upgrades to new versions at no additional cost. If InFuse stopped being developed I would switch to a new app so the fact an old version continued working is not really something I am worried about.

Absolutely Inam in opposite point of view. Infuse 4 PRO works very good and cost 12€ in his moment. For 3 years Has been useful. I have infuse 5 free installed for checking the advances and looks great but not enough for change v4 in that price. Similar with v6 is a good improve but not enough to jump from v4 PRO

If I was a new infuse user I will paid for v5.9 PRO 17€ and forget the future. The app works good is depúrate and cover almost everything for several years (maybe last decades to be obsolete)

Subscription is not an option for me in a multimedia player app. It’s my point of view

You are right, but there are exceptions. Infuse 6 perfectly plays mkv files with a resolution of 4k. Infuse 4 Pro jerked and frozen the image :slight_smile: it was decisive for me.

I would like to add that: InFuse Pro 6, also seems to fetch metadata faster then 5 did. I can only compare 5 and 6 as that’s all I’ve used. So while it may not look and feel different on the surface much, 6 does feel more polished after spending some time with it. Plus we’re talking Apple here, so they can always do something to break older software forcing people to upgrade. So, I would say some of those exceptions would include dealing with Apple vs Firecore by itself.

I felt it was a big step-up upgrading from Infuse 4 Pro straight to Infuse 6 Pro (skipping 5) because 6 is remarkably faster fetching metadata and automatic library syncing, collections, and Siri dictation search functionality with polished GUI. I had recently begun to see problems playing newer HEVC x265 video with infuse 4 so that was a very good reason to upgrade. The cost of Infuse 6 is equivalent to the price of 2 or 3 cinema tickets, or 3 months of Netflix, or the price of a few pizzas delivered. It’s good value considering Infuse 6 right now has probably 2 years or more of incremental updates before 7 launches, so best to jump in now. It’s really nice they’re not pushing everyone to subscription.

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